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Anything But Ordinary

In the past few years, we've been called a lot of things...and most of them are even nice! We've been called a partner, a friend, and once in a while even a lifesaver. But what we've never been called is ordinary.

We know. We're a little different.

At MEB Resources, we don't do things the way most other staffing firms do. Of course, that's how we've become one of MN most sought after staffing companies!

We don't "fill orders."

We focus on results...and the smartest ways to achieve them.

We're not just about speed.

We take the time to carefully match people and job opportunities. We'd rather take the time to get it right than just refer someone fast.

We won't refer anyone until we understand your business.

We begin every client engagement with a tour of your workplace. By taking the time to really evaluate your needs, we can ensure we refer the right people.

We don't think candidates are a commodity.

Why do some staffing firms treat people like inventory? We don't get it. You're a unique individual, and you'll be most successful in a job that fits your skills and interests. Our job is to help you find it!

We are not some bureaucratic or gigantic firm bound to policy.

We work here. We live here. We're committed to providing great service to the clients we serve as well as the candidates and employees we partner with.

Our Goal

To ensure businesses succeed so communities can prosper.

Vision & Mission

To provide superior service to our employees, clients and all people that we come into contact with. We will strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives and help out in any way possible. By doing so, we believe we can build a stronger community, one employee at a time.

Core Values


For staffing management or HR consulting services in St. Cloud, Austin,  or Rochester, MN, call MEB Resources today!

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