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Video Interviewing

November 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Today’s modern technology is definitely making things easier! Video interviewing is growing more popular for a few good reasons – to save money of paying for travel expenses for a candidate and/or to save time for all parties involved.  There are a few things you should keep in mind when video interviewing.

*  Be aware of your surroundings. Find a nice quiet location that doesn’t have any personal items on display such as family photos.  (Think plain, clean background.)  Make sure you turn off the TV. or radio, put the pets in another room and make sure the kids are occupied in a sound proof location while you interview.  Also, be sure to have adequate lighting so the person interviewing you can see you – but don’t get too crazy.  You don’t want to be too bright either.

*  Practice a screen test with a friend or family member so you know your technology is operating the way it should. You want to be sure that the camera is positioned at a good distance away from you so you don’t look like you’re crowding the camera.  When practicing, have the person you are practicing with evaluate your posture, speaking tone, gestures and eye contact.  You should sit up straight, speak clearly, gesture appropriately and make eye contact with the camera.  It’s not as easy as it sounds!  You may want to practice more than once.

*  Dress for success. Even though you may not be leaving the comfort of home, you should dress like you are going to an interview.

*  Be prepared by having your resume in front of you, but don’t be scripted – meaning, don’t write out answers to typical interview questions prior to the interview. It’s always a good idea to practice what you’re going to say but you don’t want to sound like your reading the answers.  If you have specific items you want to remember, jot down a short list of things for when you’re actually interviewing and your nerves kick in.

*  Be ready a few minutes early to your computer so you don’t miss their call. Make sure you are seated and situated ahead of time.  Close all other programs to minimize distractions.

*  Most importantly, SMILE, relax and look at the camera! The interview process will pretty much be the same as if you were going to their location.

Be sure to read our blog post Interviewing 101 for some additional pointers.




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