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February 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

A job description is a very important document for both the hiring company and the individual being hired.  It identifies the job by title and includes essential functions and requirements for a person to be successful within the position.  Not only can it assist in interview and recruiting candidates, it can also be useful in other ways such as:

Offering addition training and career development.  You can outline how additional training & education will not only assist the potential new hire with their own personal career development, but possible job promotions and other perks.

Salary increases or bonuses.  A job description is the perfect tool to use to discuss financial outcomes if performance goals are successfully completed.  (Just remember to revise the description accordingly on an annual basis and both employer and employee should keep signed copies.)

Recognition for going above and beyond.  If an employee does more than duties/tasks included on the job description, additional recognition can be made to encourage stellar performance.

Discipline.  The other side of the coin is – if an employee isn’t meeting the duties/task outline disciplinary action may need to be enforced.

If not kept up-to-date, job descriptions can be used against either party.  Updating job descriptions should be an ongoing process anytime something significant changes to protect both the employer and the employee.

If you would like assistance on developing a job description for a position or position within your organizations – or are presented with a job description and have questions, call us.  We are happy to help!


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