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Promoting from within your organization

August 12th, 2015 · No Comments

There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to promoting within your organization, and sometimes it can be difficult determining what is truly best for the company.  Some companies have established policies that state to post all jobs internally for a certain period of time prior to announcing to the outside world, while other companies or organizations post openings strictly externally, and the only way a current employee may learn about it is by seeing it online or in the newspaper.  Here are some points to consider when determining what’s best for promoting within your company:


  • The current employee should already understand how the company operates and doesn’t have to learn the company’s culture or policies. (Although switching departments may require learning different processes.)
  • The employee should already be familiar with the product and/or services you offer, so less training time is required.
  • By promoting within, employees have an opportunity to advance their career which improves retention. It can also improve morale and loyalty knowing you’re not working a “dead-end” job.
  • Employees tend to perform better when they know that there is an opportunity for advancement.
  • Your promoted employee can train their replacement.


  • Old ways of thinking – hiring externally often brings new perspectives and ideas – which depending on the position and/or department, sometimes may be needed. When you work in a certain industry for a long period of time it can be difficult to see things from a different point of view. External hires may bring experience from other industries that can provide new insight to a problem or situation within your industry.
  • Internal politics – animosity may occur if team members do not feel that the person who was promoted was qualified or worthy of a promotion. Some may feel like they are being overlooked while others are getting special treatment.
  • You still have an open position. You may have filled one position, but you created another by promoting within – and some positions can be way more difficult to fill than others.
  • Skill set required for the position may not be an exact match with a promoted employee. There may be some additional training needed. A new hire may already possess the required skills.

Regardless of whether or not your organization promotes within or hires externally – or does a combination of both – it’s important to have a good group of people who can work together to get the job done.  Need help finding those people?  Give MEB a call!


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