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July 26th, 2017 · No Comments

As mentioned in a previous post, job descriptions are a very important document for both the hiring company and the individual being hired.  However, sometimes job descriptions can turn a potential applicant away.  Having an excessive detailed description or too narrow of a description can make a potential applicant feel like they are unfit for the position and dismiss the job posting.

Times are definitely changing.  The job market is more competitive.  Job descriptions may work for those who are actively searching for a position, but it’s completely missing those who are comfortable in a position they’re currently in – which could be the top source of the best talent.

Instead of posting job descriptions, try posting opportunity posts.  An opportunity posting can engage passive and active candidates by highlighting how the position, the company, and benefits offered will assist the candidate to grow with a new position change or career move. This leads to a better search for the best candidate for you and the company.

Know your audience when you’re writing your opportunity post.  First, you should think of who you want to hire.  Think of the general audience and what their potential interests are. Write a posting that is tailored to what your company can offer them. Knowing your audience and creating a message that is tailored to them allows the potential employee to connect to your company and develop the want to contribute to your company and assist its growth.

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