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Three Great Questions to Ask an Interviewer

August 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

An interviewer’s last question will always be “do you have any questions?”  As we mentioned before, this is a great opportunity to show that you’re really interested in the position.  Here are three questions that will help you stick out (and actually give you a sense of the employer).

“What made the previous person in this role successful?”  and you can always follow up with “what did they struggle with?”  If the position is completely new to the employer, you can ask “what was the company going through that made this position essential to its success?” This will give you a sense of what the employer is looking for and what is expected to change.  You’d be learning the the previous person’s successes and failures.  Maybe they’ll add that the previous person moved up in the company – which is perfect if you’re looking for an employer with opportunities to move up.

“What makes you proud of your company/organization/brand?”  This question touches on more than just what is enjoyable about the company, but touches on what is more valuable to the interviewer and can give you insight on something the company is doing right.  This question can give you a sense of if the employer is aligned with what you view as important.

“What is something that you want to see improved in the workplace?”  The answer you receive can be related or unrelated to the job you’re interviewing for.  Either way, you’re learning about what is expected of you or a problem that could turn you off from the employer or motivate you to help fix the problem.

Always have at least three questions that help you better understand the employer and the position, or satisfies your general curiosity.  Having a question is better than nothing, and if the interviewer answered your questions during the interview, you can be completely honest by telling them that your questions have been answered.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the interview too – “you just mentioned something about the company culture, what’s that like here?”

Have fun, be yourself and good luck!


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