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Five Minute Meetings

November 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Nothing makes a day longer than being booked full of long, drawn out, unproductive meetings.  Here’s an idea – instead of hour or half hour long meetings, slim it down to five minutes.  Aaron Shapiro, Chief Executive Office of Huge Inc. can – in fact, he prefers it. Huge Inc. is a digital agency in New York with over 1,500 employees. He has no qualms about cutting people short, but rather says that it’s “politely blunt”.

It’s time to put these long meetings in the past. There’s no time for small talk, and less tolerance for 30- or 60-minute meetings when five to 15 minutes will do. Five minute meetings forces both managers and employees to learn how to get their point across as fast as possible. Think of each meeting as an elevator pitch. This cuts out extra noise and fluff that some may think is necessary to impress the audience.

This is a quality over quantity when it comes to communication.  Kristi Hedges, author of “The Inspiration Code” and “The Power of Presence,” says most people feel overwhelmed by the amount of communication required on the job, e.g. emails, reports, meetings, team builders, and the list goes on. This applies to executives, managers, and workers. No wonder productivity lags and frustration rises in the workplace.

Using the five minute meeting method could save your company time, boost productivity, and reduce frustration! Why not give it a try?


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