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Vacationing Tips

July 23rd, 2018 · No Comments

It’s that time of the year – vacation time! Vacationing is a great way to leave the stresses of work for a while, but returning to work after a vacation can be stressful alone! To save yourself the agony of returning to a negative experience – instead of refreshed and ready to rock, try these few tips:

Before you leave for vacation:

  • Clean up your work space. This will help you feel more productive when you return. (This includes your email in-box!)
  • Make a to-do list for your return. Write out as much as you can to remind yourself where you’re at with projects and what’s important to accomplish when you get back.

On your return from vacation:

  • If you can check your email from home, schedule a little time the evening before you return to work and briefly go through your email, deleting the messages that are not important. This will thin out the emails you have to go through in the morning.
  • On the morning of your return, leave your out-of-office message active until you’re up to speed. That way you can get through your email and start attacking your to-do list without more distractions.
  • Go in early, even if it’s just a few minutes. Chances are people are going to be dying to hear about your vacation – even if it was just a staycation. They’ll want to catch you up on anything you may have missed there as well. By going in early, you’ll dodge others coming in and be able to get started on your tasks.

Take a deep breath – you got this!


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