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Power of Positivity

March 8th, 2019 · No Comments

We all have that one person we work with who you may call a “ Negative Nancy” so to speak. Nancy always has a lot to say. Nancy even has some very good points.

Of course, there is some truth to the fact that we have hard days and we work hard and sometimes we have to say what is on our chest, it even feels as if it is therapeutic in some ways.  We don’t disagree here, but how much should we say? Where is the line? How much is too much? Who can we trust? Will our feelings leave the workroom ?

It is important to be mindful of our output. The question we should ask ourselves is not, how many things are wrong with this place, but instead are we creating solutions or apart of the problem?

Everything in life is about mind over matter. Some science even states that our minds control the pain you feel. What we think about – we bring about.

This is not to say we should always keep our mouths closed, but in fact the opposite!

To carefully listen to others before speaking, decide if what we are sharing is solutions focused? Will it make a positive impact ?

Be the leader and even better be the change, don’t be afraid to ask yourself and others around you. When they have a problem, challenge and support them in thinking of a solution. Play devil’s advocate in a respectful way to create meaningful, effective and supportive dialogue.’

On that note, we leave you with a Willie Nelson classic…

” Once you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”


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