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Making Work more than -just a job-

March 22nd, 2019 · No Comments

As a young adult, we are taught to make meaningful choices in life. To make sure our job is something we love and eventually it will not be work at all.

Well, as adults, we learn that sometimes that is hogwash!

We have a family, homes and groceries to buy and sometimes the work we do it not for pleasure but in fact for the money we need. We are not denying the truth in this.

Although, we are ready to share some simple ways to make you fall in love with work again…

Ok, maybe not true love, but let’s shoot for LIKE!

A/ Look at the Big Picture

Time after time, day after day you may look at the work around you and think– meaningless!

If you change your perspective and look at it from multiple angles, you might see things differently.

What do you bring to the table? What assets do you have, that make you a great part of the team? How is what your doing today going to affect/effect the lives of others in the world?

B/Treat Each Other With Kindness

Even Brenda in HR, you think nobody likes her and she is always trying to make things difficult. That may or may not be true, but regardless, show her kindness and see how she changes. She never smiles back, that is ok, your smiling for her, not for you!

Be kind and respectful to those on your team, offer to help and see how their thoughts about you change and grow. People want to be around people who are kind. Kindness always wins, even when you are angry, kill your enemies with kindness!

C/Feel Accomplished

Research shows that people in the work environment, bosses, leaders, hygeine agents and even directors want to feel good about their work and see direct product or results. Everyone enjoys this feeling of success!

**Tired of waiting around for your boss to make you feel that way? Then let’s make a change! Let’s stop relying on them and do it for ourselves. Yes…. it is the same, trust us.

“If you want that sense of accomplishment, set benchmarks for yourself and focus on making progress toward small goals,” says Stefanie Wichansky, CEO at Randolph, N.J., management consulting and staffing firm Professional Resource Partners.

Set your own goals.

Check your own goals.

Reward yourself for the achievements of those goals.

Share your achievements.

Celebrate them!

Celebrate you!

Try these.

Step by step and change will come.


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