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Listening or Hearing ?

April 7th, 2019 · No Comments

When we are talking to our loved ones, we listen.

When we are talking to our drunk friends, we hear.


Wait? What?

Listening and hearing are different.

Read here to find out more about how you can improve both!


Listening is the art of uses multiple sense to comprehend and think deeply about the sounds your are receiving, it is a skill of concentration. This skill is done to acquire knowledge and comprehend information. It’s psychological!


Energy at work can become disrupted and sometimes we get demotivated or angry at the circumstance, the people and environment around us. Sometimes we work with others who complain frequently, get agitated and are not always solutions focused. For the thousandth time, you just don’t want to hear what John or Josie are complaining about.


Instead of hearing it, listen to it.

Listen to the demeanor, find the core concern in the words and try giving sensitive/supportive feedback and respond with solutions, ideas and positivity.

Kill them with kindness!


Hearing is not a skill, it’s an ability. Just the simple art of receiving sounds with one sense out of five. It is a passive and physical bodily function that does not require concentration.


When someone enters your space, let them know where you stand with your energy on that day, is it the right time to be approached? Are you in a good mood?


Somedays, we ourselves don’t have the energy to listen and respond or even give advice.

Remember, you come first. Be a clear communicate and let them know, “ Hey, I am not really having a great day today, can we talk about this later?”  This sets a clear line that today is not the best day for you to a good listener or give advice.


It’s okay to do both, to listen or to hear, but it is important to understand yourself and your surroundings, be real about when you are only hearing and be focused when listening.


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