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Be a Mentor

April 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Are we proud of our work? Are you learning new shortcuts that you think everyone would benefit from ?  This is great! We are proud to have those moments and who says it’s wrong to share?

No One!

Being a mentor doesn’t mean being a babysitter, it means to advise, train or guide. Mentors are not experts, managers or being a senior member of staff.

Anyone can be a mentor. You can be a mentor!

Here is how:

  • Each mentoring opportunity is different and weird at first, share something about yourself– break the ice!
  • Listen carefully first, then advise.
  • Open doors, share your connections.
  • Share what you know, help them climb the learning curve quicker!
  • Remember when it was your first day, be patient and put yourself in their shoes.
  • Mindful language, remember to be solutions driven – if you share something you HATE about the work environment or company, they will likely hate it too -allow them to figure out their own personal opinions.
  • Take a break for questions, remember people often fear admitting they don’t know or understand so it is important to take time for questions or allow for a rewind!

Okay, so that is a lot!

Not everyone has time to help everyone or be a mentor.

That is okay, if you feel that way, we respect it and understand, BUT we challenge you!

Make at least one difference in each day by helping someone, just because.


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