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Leader vs. Manager

April 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Are you a leader or a manager? How do you know?

Remember that leaders inspire and instill. Lead by example by being what you expect of others.

If you show up late to work everyday, then how can you expect your team to be on time?

Throw your expectations out the window on that one.

Be action-based! Empower, don’t enable.

If everyday your team member asks for help on something and you do it for them, you are requiring them to rely on you. Teach them and watch them become empowered

Instead of tell, ask.

Instead of say, “John, don’t forget to empty the bins before you leave!”

Try, “Hey John, I know this is a silly question, but did you get the chance to empty the bins today?”

This question shows you respect his efforts, you understand he is busy and you are understanding whatever the outcome may turn out to be. Instead of questioning his intelligence.

Inspire vs. Investigate

Create value instead of counting it!

Treat your team like you care, have passion and respect for their work. Appreciate their efforts even if it is not what you requested or expected. Remember when you work on a team, you must expect the results and outcomes to be different then you have created in your mind, be ready for those differences and enjoy them.

Instead of, ” Josie, we talked about that already and it looks nothing like we discussed.”

Try, ” I like how you put your own spin on this, it’s headed in the right direction, can we make some  changes here?”

Don’t check on your team members to see if they are doing their job, check on them to see if they are doing okay.

Happy workers create good work.

Check out this video to learn more!


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