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Habit of Mind 1 (HoM)

July 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

Habit of Mind 1: Persisting

“Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.”  

Marabel Morgan, The Electric Woman

Successful people don’t give up until the job is done. Regardless of the problems they face, they don’t quit until it’s complete. Always trying new ways to make it work. Even when they are tired, they have tried it a millions ways or when they are in a hurry. Successful people get jobs done right.

This is the art of persistence. Trying something and trying it again when it does not work. Even the tenth time, when the thought of “ is this even possible? “ crosses their minds, they still don’t stop. Instead, they try it again but in a different way. They find new and interesting ways in making it work. Nothing is a good project unless it is a project done well.

Persistence doesn’t always mean never give up. Sometimes it is good to know when to stop and take a break. If things aren’t falling into place after trying multiple different strategies. Then take a scheduled brain break, this allows us to process and for new information to enter our minds that may allow us to approach things differently the next time we try.

When you are working on a project, think about how you handle it when faced with a problem.

Do you persistent even why you have tried it 100 times ?

What if it just doesn’t work?

If you give up, you let despair win. You allow your mind and subconscious to believe that YOU can’t do it. Then the disbelief in your own abilities sets in. The more you try the better you get at getting it right.

Your brain is a muscle, persistence is the workout!



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