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Habit of Mind 6 (HoM)

November 14th, 2019 · No Comments


Habit of Mind 6: Striving for Accuracy


“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

-Wyatt Earp


Literally just had a conversation about this with the boss yesterday. After she was reviewing the books and my hard work, we noticed many, many, many errors in calculation and data entry.

She boldly said, “ This is how this is. It is like this, always! Don’t get down on yourself thinking that you aren’t good or you can’t do it. It happens to the best. The only advice I have – SLOW DOWN!”

When it comes to accounting, number management or general data entry there is a huge emphasis on fast. The faster you enter, the sooner you finish, the more you get paid and the increase of positive recognition.  Wyatt Earp, a famous lawman said the quote above. Of course, he was referring to the bullet and outlaws, but even as times change – it still stands very true today. You might be a very fast shot, but if you can be accurate then speed is useless!

This habit is all about being consistent in all that you do and doing it accurately. This habits is institutionalized by slowing down and create strong habits of good skill. Machine operators are consistently performing the same duties repeatedly. When they begin the job they are exploring with their choices and actions to find the most time effective groove that suits them. In the early stages, we create shortcuts in doing this. These shortcuts are where we can sometimes lose accuracy if we are not careful. In the beginning, take it slow – develop shortcuts with strong and detailed skills that create good habits. These repeated movements become habits that we then can use to increase our speed of choices and production. If you are not careful in creating these habits, then lack of accuracy can be a hard skill to retrain or habit to break! If not, you run into the problem of  — you made all these parts really fast! Well done – turns out they are all wrong.

(Insert sound of unease and look of disappointment from others)

We can focus on accuracy in many ways. We can use a few short, simple easy steps to ensure that accuracy is our strong game!

#1 is a classic — Double and Triple Check your Work!  Takes less time to check than to fix it or start over!

#2 is a bit obvious —- Quality NOT Quantity! Set goals, daily on your quality of work.

#3 can be hard —— Set Accuracy Standards!  Create expectations that each product must meet- never move on until it is satisfactory. Every little thing matters.

#4 Last but not least —- Create a comfortable environment for work! Make it your space so you can get into your groove to be your best.

It is hard to be completely accurate, so just strive for it at all times!


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