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Habit of Mind 15 (HoM)

October 2nd, 2020 · No Comments

Habit of Mind 15: Thinking Interdependently

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

–Henry Ford.

Willing to work with others and welcome their input and perspective; Abide by decisions the work group makes even if I disagree somewhat; Willing to learn from others in reciprocal situations. 

This habit is essential, it is only when we help others grow that we can in turn grow ourselves. A lot of companies fail to instill the sense of community within the workplace. Of course, a competitive workplace has its place and is effective and sometimes required in certain industries. No doubt at that, but even still – it should be about how growth as a team is the most important kind. When you develop this habit you have the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses within yourself and others. This allows you to utilize everyone’s skill more effectively and diligent manner.

When we work towards one goal, perspective is essential. In a workplace, every role matters – even the smaller ones. A well oiled machine has many gears, cogs and elements that require full function in order for it to be successful. As a cog in the wheel, you essentially become an expert in that area. If everyone becomes an expert of their area, then when we face a problem – we can face it together with everyone’s advice and input – this creates an advantage on perspective which increases grow and positive outcomes.


Understanding the differences in your fellow team member helps you directly assess where growth is required and how to find a solution. This improves each cogs importance, confidence and overall results. Spend time getting to know your team mates and their roles, understand them so you can also learn and grow – this is thinking interdependently.




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