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8 THINGS YOU CAN DO better AT WORK IN 2021 #newyear

January 7th, 2021 · No Comments

IN THE NEW YEAR, IT’S time to ditch habits that are not pushing you forward at work. Gain some early wins and boost your happiness in the office by making a positive change that matters – In January to start doing things differently in the following areas:

  • Create better boundaries.
  • Take more breaks.
  • Prevent burnout behaviors.
  • Protect your peace of mind.
  • Learn how to recognize toxic bosses and colleagues.
  • Tame time pressures.
  • Tune out the noise.
  • Prioritize your sleep.

Taking on too much work that pushes your boundaries causes stress and ultimately can be worse for the company than setting a clear boundary and admitting, you’re not ready for the task – respectfully decline it.

American work culture takes pride in pushing and powering through our week – the faster we work the faster we can get it done. Remember that sacrificing your personal happiness and safety to get a task “done” can also mean jeopardizing your ability to focus and lead to decrease in productivity. Take break, for you and for your health – that work will be there tomorrow.

The previous note leads to burnout, it’s important to have balance with your life to make sure you are happy. If you don’t take time to respect your personal interests, it can build up dissent about the job which leads to lack of motivation and interest in the job.

Use the internet to find ways to relieve work place stress and create daily habits that ensure your mindfulness is in tact.

There is drama in every part of our lives, take control when you can by avoiding drama and stress filled co-workers. Remove the toxic.

Refuse to be constantly tethered to the office via email and texts; instead, discuss a reasonable schedule of availability with your boss to get buy-in, and share it with your team. Focus on what really matters by seeing what will help you meet your biggest goals. MONDAY – great online app to help. 

Ignore distractions – it is an art that is worth mastering. We must avoid all those at-work rabbit holes.

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP – A well oiled machines is functioning at its best – make sure to take care of your machine.



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