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Create the Perfect Resume – for our Blue Collars

January 27th, 2021 · No Comments


Blue Collar workers, or manual workers are the back bone to our society here in the MidWest of USA. The COVID-19 pandemic has strained every company and employee in some way. This had lead to tough times within our nation, especially for job seekers. If you are looking for work, resumes have never before been important – we need to take advantage to ensure the strongest possible competition around.

For manual works, like CDL, general laborers, assembly and maintenance – this may be an especially difficult challenge. Most workers in this field are very strong using their hands and getting down and dirty but may not have the strongest resume skills.

That is okay – we are here to help

Check out the basics below for help crafting the perfect resume for you.

1/ Structure – top priority

2/ Formatting

We want to be clear, concise and direct with our information, in a persuasive manner.

5 Simple Steps (Bell, 2021)

“Introduction – this should be a five or six-sentence statement about yourself and your experience, summarising your most relevant credentials, as well as your contact details

Core skills & knowledge – write a bullet point list of your most relevant professional skills and qualifications, focusing on what’s most relevant to the job you are applying for. This may include a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) certificate, or something similar

Employment history – list out your employment history, starting with the most recent role and working backward, for up to 10 years where possible. Detail each role with bullet points about who your employers were, your main duties, and any key achievements worth highlighting

Education history – this should include all of the schools, colleges, and universities you have attended and the years you were there, alongside any other relevant additional educational qualifications

Hobbies & interests – finally, you should highlight some of your personal interests and pastimes that highlight relevant skills, or positive aspects of your character. Any team-based activities and hobbies that demonstrate dedication and effort could help you stand out from the crowd”


The positive thing here, for anyone not experienced with design – Resumes don’t need anything flashy – less is always more.

Here are a few tips for making your CV look professional:

  • Use a basic, clear font such as Arial or Calibri, with a size of around 10 or 11.  Why ? Compact yet readable.
  • Stick to black-and-white, rather than using colors. Why ? Its not about outside, its the inside.
  • Keep the length of the document to two sides of A4.  Why ? Not too short – not too long.
  • Divide up the text into readable sections. Why? Don’t waste anyone’s time – make it easily and quickly accessible.

Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Spelling mistakes and poor grammar –have a friend check it more than once.
  • False or exaggerated statements – lies are obvious and will be tested in a face to face.
  • Sending out a generic CV – you can send the same copy but always change the objective to make sure it is tailored to the content of the job itself.
  • Failing to explain gaps in your employment history –Use these to your advantage, point them out in the interview giving yourself control of the narrative.

“By following these guidelines, you should be able to create a document that really showcases your qualities and skills, even if you don’t have any past experience in writing a CV. This will help you apply quickly for more roles, bringing you one step closer to securing the job that’s best suited for you.” (Bell, 2021)

Debi Bell is the Head of HR Services of Lanes Group. She is a highly qualified professional who has overseen the development of the company’s HR department since 2013, working with senior managers on key personnel management, efficiency, and legal compliance issues.

 Bell, D., 2021. How Manual Workers Can Create the Perfect CV. [online] Undercover Recruiter. Available at: <> [Accessed 27 January 2021].


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