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Three Components of Balance

May 4th, 2021 · No Comments

Happy Work, Happy Life ?

How do you love what you do and still get to do what you want?


The answers you never knew you needed! 


1/meaningful work

2/fulfilling relationships 

3/personal rejuvenation 

Shoutout to all the super moms in the movies who are killing all of these three things, big award for all those fictional characters!  – side rant done.

Check out this quote from our favorite blog writer! She hits the nail right on the head.

” my point in all this, is to really help you come to terms with a few things. It’s not to give the usual advice on how to re-balance your life. You can read my other blog posts for those tips. It’s to help you engage in the act of surrendering. To truly surrender to the control to life.

For years, I never surrendered. I pushed as hard as I could. I went as quickly as I could. And I was pretty good at it too. I got so frustrated with slow responses, slow people. In fact, when I owned my business, most of my days were spent frustrated, waiting for an answer from a supplier, waiting for people who I thought were incompetent. I was burning so much negative energy. I went into therapy because of it. I stopped sleeping. I was all consumed with work, and doing the best job I could. Until my therapist told me, that my behavior was not serving me well, in the least bit. And if I kept it up, I was heading into a full-blown burn-out.”  (Diamond, 2009)

This blogger is what inspires content to write about – the thought of understanding that the ever revolving door of chaos in our world is not to be beaten, but in fact just tamed. We spend so many hours, days and minutes tracking our progress and watching the clock – trying to beat the sunset and get it everything we can in one day… well some of us do.

The idea that it is not to be beaten, but tamed -  stop trying to fight it and surrender. Understand the way the world works and truly surrender yourself to the control of life.

Great visual for way to live life.

The Comfort Zone


Keeping the Balls Juggling in the Air

In-text: (Diamond, 2009)

Your Bibliography: Diamond, E., 2009. Keeping the Balls Juggling in the Air. [Blog] Keeping the Balls Juggling in the Air, Available at: <> [Accessed 4 May 2021].


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